The Appeal Of Cabin Rentals: Should I Get One?

If you like the idea of a cabin rental because choosing the right hotel can sometimes be a challenge, these five reasons to choose a cabin over a hotel may convince you a cabin is the right choice.

Peace and Quiet

You may be one of the many people who don’t really like hotels, although you only realize that once you actually arrive at the hotel, you have booked. It’s no surprise that most hotels can be big, noisy, overwhelming, and crowded when about 35 percent of American families take at least one vacation each year. If you imagined a relaxing getaway, that might not be it.

Almost all cabin rentals offer a peaceful and relaxing setting, typically hidden away from busy roads and noisy areas. And whereas in a standard hotel room, you may have to put up with other guests walking past your room in the middle of the night, or hearing noises through the thin walls of your bedroom, your cabin won’t have those problems. And rather than disruptive neighbors and a view of the parking lot, you get to enjoy a quiet setting with a view of woods, water or mountains.

Beautiful Views and Surroundings

Chances are you didn’t have much of a view from the bedroom of the last hotel you stayed in if it was in a busy area. One of the big appeals of cabin rentals is the chance to enjoy some unspoiled and beautiful surroundings; most cabins offer a wonderful view of the mountains or water, and a unique chance to really see the stars on a clear night.

Most cabins actually have a great view of the mountains from their deck or balcony. Aside from the view, the balcony can be a great place to watch for birds or wildlife, or simply enjoy some real fresh air. Hiking trails and paths can be literally right outside your front door in many cases.

Privacy and Space

Smaller rooms are much cheaper to construct and easier to maintain when it comes to hotel rooms; in fact, about 330 square feet is the average hotel room size in America. And it’s hardly surprising that hotel rooms are actually decreasing in size every year.

Your small hotel may seem bigger with space to move around; that’s because many hotels are removing the furniture they consider unnecessary. Of course, if you want to splash out more money, you can upgrade to a larger room, suite, or apartment type room in your next hotel, but that can become costly.

It’s usually a lot less expensive to stay in a cabin, and you also get a lot more room than the standard hotel room. If you have 44 people traveling perhaps for a retreat or reunion, larger 13 bedroom cabins can accommodate you comfortably; on the other hand; you may just need a studio cabin for one person.

A hotel room is really just a space to sleep in, while a cabin gives you plenty of extra room, which makes your stay a lot more relaxing and enjoyable. Even the common areas in a hotel, such as a bar, lounge, or dining room can become crowded and noisy. And a cabin rental is just more relaxing, especially with no bother from hotel employees with wake up calls or concierge suggestions.

Types Of Cabin Rentals

The Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg areas have a variety of cabin types available for guests, as well as cabins in various sizes. Cabins designed for couples, cabins that come with a hot tub or private pool, or those that overlook the water are just some of the options.

Even the most choosy guest can find the cabin that matches their needs, with the many types available. And of course, when compared to the cost of several hotel rooms, one cabin to accommodate everyone is a lot cheaper.

Part of the fun of being on vacation is going out to eat. But if you just don’t feel like going out, you can make a meal in the fully equipped kitchen that comes with each of our cabin rentals.

Pet-Friendly Cabins

Most hotels just don’t welcome pets, and it can be difficult going on vacation without your cat or dog.

No need to pay for a pet sitter or pay for a kennel when you rent a cabin with us, as your pet is welcome too in our pet-friendly cabins.

Your pet won’t feel confined in a cabin as they offer all the space they need to run and play. If you want to enjoy the scenery, get some exercise, and spend quality time with your dog, hiking one of the many mountain trails is an ideal solution. There are plenty of pet-friendly greenways, National Forests, and parks, although keep in mind there are pet restrictions in the National Park itself.