Tips On How To Prepare For Camping In The Rain

Camping is meant to be fun and enjoyable even during the rainy season, and that is why you need to plan for such eventualities that might come along during your camping. If you in cooperate everything you need in case it rains while you are camping, then you will enjoy every moment that comes along including the sound of rain, and you will also relish the sight of the thunderstorm as the rain pours peacefully on the ground. Below are eleven things to help you prepare for your camping during the rainy season courtesy of Eagle Island Resort.

1. Watch The Weather Forecast

If you are planning to go camping, it is prudent for you to prepare adequately just in case it rains. First, you need to have a clue about the weather in the area you are going camping, which is possible by shriveling the weather forecast from time to time. This is primarily because the weather in the mountain regions is always irregular.

Nevertheless, it is wise for you to prepare for the rain even when the weather forecast indicates that there will be no rains on that day. During your camping, you should watch out for any signs of cloud gathering together. If you are in the company of your dog, he may begin acting as if it will rain soon. It should prompt you to start getting ready for the rain.

2. Bring Plastic Bags And A Lot Of Them

If you intend to enjoy your camping experience besides the rain, buying a lot of plastic bags will be your starting point. For instance, you may consider purchasing the zip-lock style bags and the big black garbage bags. The number of plastic bags you need will depend on the size of the luggage. You may need at least three big black garbage bags and several zip lock bags. Initially, when packing, you may consider storing your entire luggage in the big black garbage bag before putting them in your bag. This will help in keeping your whole language dry in case it rains. Secondly, you may use one big black garbage bag to keep your wet clothing after the rain; this will prevent the rest of your language from being damp. It is also wise for you to carry along several pieces of firewood for lighting to warm you up after the rain. The fuel can be stored in the third black big garbage bag. Finally, the zip locks can be used to separate and store critical items like medicine, food, and fire equipment.

3. Carry Old News Papers

Newspapers can be real lifesavers in cases of rain when you are camping. They will help you dry your damp shoes efficiently and fast enough then you can imagine. Moreover, you can also use the newspapers to light your firewood and afford yourself some warmth after the rain.

4. Keep Your Tent High & Dry When Camping in the Rain

The site which your tent is erected is very crucial when camping in the rain. Low-lying areas below the slopes might be less cumbersome when fixing your tent, but they are rather dangerous because water will accumulate into your tent at a faster rate, and this may cause you some discomfort. The best site to consider pitching your tent is up to the slope. This is because water is less likely to accumulate in your tent because the hill will facilitate the rainwater to flow down the slope.For more information on hiking in the rain, refer to our guide on the best tips to help you enjoy hiking in the rain.

5. Put A Tarp Under Your Tent

Another vital aspect to think through when fitting your tent is the prevention of tent from flooding. This can be achieved by fixing a heavy duty tarp below your tent. You also need to pay great attention to the edges of the tarp to ensure that the entire tarp is within the canvas by tacking in any hanging part. This will ultimately prevent flooding because they will be no loose trap for the rain to flow through to the tent.

6. Line The Inside of Your Tent

To prevent your tent from getting damp from below, you may consider in cooperating an extra lining on the inside of your tent. One such type of lining is the thick plastic sheet used in the construction industry. However, you need to consider a larger size than your tent, approximately 6 inches. The plastic bag is thick enough to prevent the inside of your tent from getting wet, and also your belongings will remain dry.

7. Use Another Tarp Above Your Tent

If you are contemplating to stay for more than a day camping, then you should consider fixing a more heavy tarp on your tent, which is umbrella-like structure lying over your tent. It will enable you to attach a line that you can hang your damp cloths in addition to the fact that It will keep the tent dry by preventing rain from reaching your tent. If your tarp is big enough, you can fix a cooking place within the tarp and hang your wet shoes to dry.

8. Don’t Bring Cotton Clothing

When selecting clothes when going camping in the rain, it is wise to choose other synthetics for instant cotton and nylon materials other than cotton. This is because the synthetic materials absorb less moisture and will dry up faster than cotton in case.

9. Have A Rain Jacket and Rain Pants Ready

Before going for camping in the rain, you can deliberate on packing a pair of quality raincoat and trousers. They will provide you with some warmth by preventing rain from wetting the other clothes in your body. You will appreciate the comfort that comes along with putting on a raincoat and waterproof pants because they will keep you damp free the entire night.

10. Waterproof Shoes

If you can afford yourself a pair of waterproof shoes when going hiking in the rain, they will come in handy, especially with a heavy downfall. They will go a long way to keep to Your feet warm due to dry socks.

11. Enjoy The Rain

Who says you cannot have fun camping when camping in the rain? With enough planning, you will be warm and comfortable during the entire camping. Relish the storm by lighting your fire and setting a trap above your tent to prevent it from getting wet during your camping.